Brush And Ballpoint Pen – A and D

A and D (Book Cover Illustration) by mmidori31 on DeviantArt

Welcome to Brush and Ballpoint Pen , your one-stop source for book reviews. For this first one, let’s start with something low-key. This is A and D.

First things first, let me tell you one thing: I absolutely hate romance novels. To me, they’re corny and reading them makes me want to hurl. But since today’s book is a romance novel, I will try my best to not be biased and review this book as fairly as possible. With that said, let’s get it started.

A Little Bit Of Background
If you aren’t from the Philippines, you might be thinking, “wait, online stories get published?” Well, they do. Pop Fiction is a division of Summit Media that publishes stories from Wattpad by Filipino authors in these adorable little paperbacks with pretty anime covers (honestly, I really like looking at the covers of these books, they’re lovely) They’re really popular here, and some even get made into movies. I’ll probably tackle one of those in a future review.

A and D is written by Louisse Carreon, or fallenbabybubu on Wattpad. She has another published novel under Pop Fiction, Realize, that I may or may not get to. You can read A and D on Wattpad here.

You know Taylor Swift’s music video for You Belong With Me? That’s the basic story of A and D, but with a little more added.
Dakota and Aaron are best friends. Dakota is a nerd and Aaron is a jock with a cheerleader girlfriend. A lot of people say they shouldn’t be friends because Aaron is popular while Dakota isn’t. Still, Dakota is in love with Aaron, but because of the aforementioned dilemma, she finds it hard to admit her feelings. The events of senior year find ways to bring Aaron and Dakota together and progress their relationship.


Story 3/5
As with all romances, I knew that our leads were gonna get together in the end. But my mom told me that in romance, the most important part is the middle.
The plot was quite simple with the girl-next-door-likes-her-popular-childhood-friend thing. The story also has some extra bits to keep it entertaining, like the subplot about the new guy. Overall, it’s not that plot-heavy, but it’s sweet. It might be boring or downright corny to some people, but it’s entertaining if you like fluffy romances.

Characters 3/5
The characters were okay. I like how the villains get more background than just being mean for the sake of meanness. I also like the supporting characters, such as Aaron’s two friends. Unfortunately, I felt like our two leads were too generic – just the usual nerdy girl and the jock guy you’ve seen in other romances before. I feel like that could’ve been improved on. At least they weren’t completely stupid like other romance protags.

Setting 4/5
The story is set in New York City, where our two leads live. It reminds me of the Princess Diaries in that respect. I’m not really sure how accurate it is to real New York, but I really like the Hudson River scenes, they’re lovely. The normal home and school scenes are written like your usual American suburban village/high school. Though the settings were normal, I really got into it.

Overall 3/5
Even as someone who hates romance, I still managed to enjoy this book. The relationship between our arguably cliche leads is pretty well-defined and there are some really sweet moments in it. It’s like cotton candy-light, fluffy and sweet. It’s nothing new, nothing exciting, just fluff. Yes, it is corny, but there’s a place for fluff in this world and that’s why I’m not giving it a lower rating.

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